Psychometric properties of the catalan version of the goldberg anxiety and depression scale (GADS)

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Malas, Olga
Tolsá, Maria Dolores
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cc-by (c) Olga Malas Tolsá, Maria Dolores Tolsá, 2022
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This study aimed to test the psychometric properties of the Goldberg Anxiety and Depression Scale (GADS), applied to a Catalan sample of the adult general population. The scale was translated and adapted to the Catalan language. The sample comprised 741 participants of both sexes. The sample was split randomly into two groups: calibration and validation. Structural validity was analysed in the calibration group (n = 371), using exploratory factor analysis, suggesting a one-factor structure. Confirmatory factor analysis was performed with the validation group (n = 370). The one-factor model demonstrated adequate goodness of fit indices and satisfactory internal consistency. The two-factor model presented only acceptable goodness of fit indices and internal consistency, but the discriminant capacity was low. The obtained results support the use of the GADS as an acceptable instrument to measure anxiety and depression in the Catalan population, but not to distinguish between these two conditions.
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Hellenic Journal of Psychology, 2022, vol. 19, núm. 2, p. 148-162