Occurrence and dietary exposure assessment to Enniatin B through consumption of cereal-based products in Spain and the Catalonia Region

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Gallardo, Jose A.
Marín Sillué, SòniaMarín Sillué, Sònia - ORCID ID
Ramos Girona, Antonio J.Ramos Girona, Antonio J. - ORCID ID
Cano Sancho, German
Sanchís Almenar, VicenteSanchís Almenar, Vicente - ORCID ID
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Enniatin B (ENNB) is a mycotoxin produced by moulds from the Fusarium genera and its toxic effects are still not fully elucidated, hence a safe reference exposure value has not been established yet. ENNB is the most prevalent emerging mycotoxin and is widely found in cereal-based products, nevertheless, there are no comprehensive exposure assessment studies. For that reason, the aim of this study was to characterise the occurrence of ENNB and estimate the exposure of the Spanish and Catalan populations. A total of 347 cereal-based products were collected in 2019 and were analysed using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. Consumption data were obtained from the national food consumption surveys (ENALIA) and a regional survey conducted in Catalonia. The global exposure was estimated using deterministic and probabilistic methods. The results showed a high occurrence of close to 100% in all foodstuffs, with a range from 6 to 269 μg/kg, and a strong correlation with the levels of deoxynivalenol. Children aged one-nine years were the most exposed, showing mean estimates in the range 308-324 ng/kg bw/day and 95th percentiles 697-781 ng/kg bw/day. This study stresses the need for further toxicological data to establish reference doses and conclude formal risk assessment, accounting for the co-occurrence with deoxynivalenol.
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Toxins, 2023, vol. 15 (1), 24