The Validity and Reliability of the Hungarian Version of the Brief Work-Family Conflict Questionnaire – An Effective Method to Measure Work-To-Family and Family-To-Work Conflict

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Mészáros, Veronika
Kövi, Zsuzsanna
Blanch Plana, AngelBlanch Plana, Angel - ORCID ID
Ferenczi, Andrea
Tanyi, Zsuzsanna
Karai, Virág
Hittner, James Bryant
Kulig, Barbara
Kovács, Dóra
Smohai, Máté
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cc-by (c) Mészáros et al., 2022
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The current study aimed to investigate the validity and reliability of the Hungarian version of the brief Work-Family Conflict Questionnaire (Conflicto Trabajo – Familia, CCTF) using both homogeneous (social care workers, N = 206) and heterogeneous (N = 586) occupational samples. In order to examine construct validity, we explored both two-factor and bifactor models. Our findings provided greater support for the two-factor model (homogeneous sample: χ2 = 14.032, p = 0.379 df = 13; CFI = 0.999; NNFI = 0.998; RMSEA = 0.020 [0.000–0.051]; heterogeneous sample: χ2 = 40.213, p < 0.001 df = 13; CFI = 0.993; NNFI = 0.985; RMSEA = 0.060 [0.023–0.079]). Our results demonstrated good reliability (ω = 0.797–0.911) and predictive validity, which we tested by exploring the relation of the construct with burnout and psychosomatic symptoms. Our results suggest that the Hungarian version of the CCTF is a reliable and valid instrument for measuring both work-to-family and family-to-work conflict.
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Interpersona, 2022, vol. 16, núm. 1, p. 2-16