The Assistant Personal Robot Project: From the APR-01 to the APR-02 Mobile Robot Prototypes

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Palacín Roca, JordiPalacín Roca, Jordi - ORCID ID
Rubies, Elena
Clotet Bellmunt, EduardClotet Bellmunt, Eduard - ORCID ID
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cc-by (c) Jordi Palacín, Elena Rubies, Eduard Clotet, 2022
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This paper describes the evolution of the Assistant Personal Robot (APR) project developed at the Robotics Laboratory of the University of Lleida, Spain. This paper describes the first APR-01 prototype developed, the basic hardware improvement, the specific anthropomorphic improvements, and the preference surveys conducted with engineering students from the same university in order to maximize the perceived affinity with the final APR-02 mobile robot prototype. The anthropomorphic improvements have covered the design of the arms, the implementation of the arm and symbolic hand, the selection of a face for the mobile robot, the selection of a neutral facial expression, the selection of an animation for the mouth, the application of proximity feedback, the application of gaze feedback, the use of arm gestures, the selection of the motion planning strategy, and the selection of the nominal translational velocity. The final conclusion is that the development of preference surveys during the implementation of the APR-02 prototype has greatly influenced its evolution and has contributed to increase the perceived affinity and social acceptability of the prototype, which is now ready to develop assistance applications in dynamic workspaces.
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Designs, 2022, vol. 6, núm. 4, 66