Service Learning in the Nursing Bachelor Thesis: A Mixed-Methods Study

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Roca Llobet, JudithRoca Llobet, Judith - ORCID ID
Gros Navés, Silvia
Canet Vélez, Olga
Torralbas Ortega, Jordi
Tort Nasarre, GlòriaTort Nasarre, Glòria - ORCID ID
Postic, Tijana
Martínez Rodríguez, LauraMartínez Rodríguez, Laura - ORCID ID
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cc-by (c) Roca et al., 2022
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The Final Degree Project (FDP) is a module that, although intended for the completion of a bachelor thesis (BT), consists of theoretical and clinical teaching. Therefore, introducing service learning (SL) can support student adjustments to the real-world professional role. This study plans to evaluate a teaching innovation project that combines BT and SL through Kirkpatrick’s four-level model (reaction, learning, behaviour and results). It takes the form of a convergent parallel mixed-methods design study. The participants were 15 final-year students obtaining a Bachelor of Nursing degree, 4 BT supervising mentors and 4 nurses. At the request of a hospital institution, in their BT, students completed a review of evidence-based nursing protocols. For data collection, the researchers used: an SL questionnaire, student narratives, mentor field diaries and nurse interviews. According to student opinion, the results showed high satisfaction rates (4.44 out of 5), the most developed skills were Independent Work and Information Management, but they signal the need to reinforce the research methodology skills. Finally, positive feedback from all participants is that using SL promotes both the opinion that the BT is useful and also promotes a collaboration between academic and clinical settings.
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International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2022, vol.19, núm. 19, núm. art. 12387