Feasibility and Acceptability of Personalized Breast Cancer Screening (DECIDO Study): A Single-Arm Proof-of-Concept Trial

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Laza-Vásquez, CelmiraLaza-Vásquez, Celmira - ORCID ID
Martínez Alonso, MontserratMartínez Alonso, Montserrat - ORCID ID
Forné Izquierdo, CarlesForné Izquierdo, Carles - ORCID ID
Vilaplana Mayoral, JordiVilaplana Mayoral, Jordi - ORCID ID
Cruz Esteve, María InésCruz Esteve, María Inés - ORCID ID
Sánchez-López, Isabel
Reñé Reñé, Mercè
Cazorla, Cristina
Hernández Andreu, Marta
Galindo Ortego, Gisela
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The aim of this study was to assess the acceptability and feasibility of offering risk-based breast cancer screening and its integration into regular clinical practice. A single-arm proof-of-concept trial was conducted with a sample of 387 women aged 40–50 years residing in the city of Lleida (Spain). The study intervention consisted of breast cancer risk estimation, risk communication and screening recommendations, and a follow-up. A polygenic risk score with 83 single nucleotide polymorphisms was used to update the Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium risk model and estimate the 5-year absolute risk of breast cancer. The women expressed a positive attitude towards varying the frequency of breast screening according to individual risk and, especially, more frequently inviting women at higher-than-average risk. A lower intensity screening for women at lower risk was not as welcome, although half of the participants would accept it. Knowledge of the benefits and harms of breast screening was low, especially with regard to false positives and overdiagnosis. The women expressed a high understanding of individual risk and screening recommendations. The participants’ intention to participate in risk-based screening and satisfaction at 1-year were very high.
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International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2022, vol.19, núm. 16, núm. art. 10426