Successful Practices in Performing and Maintaining Physical Activity in Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Qualitative Study

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Vilafranca Cartagena, Mireia
Arreciado Marañón, Antonia
Artigues i Barberà, Eva María
Tort Nasarre, GlòriaTort Nasarre, Glòria - ORCID ID
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Physical activity has proven to be greatly beneficial in patients with DM2. However, few adhere to physical activity recommendations and are motivated to engage in regular physical activity and the numerous interventions conducted to change their habits tend to be unsuccessful in the long term. The objective in this research is to study patients who adhere to physical activity in order to guide patients who have not succeeded in making this change, assisted by the successful tools in the context of community nursing. A qualitative descriptive study was conducted. The sample included 10 patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus who adhered to physical activity in Catalonia, Spain, having been selected using intentional sampling. We recorded semi-structured interviews with the participants and conducted a thematic analysis. Five categories were identified and grouped into two themes: (1) Integrate physical activity as a lifestyle (meaning of DM2 and physical activity, adaptation to change and strategies on a day-to-day basis, physical activity) and (2) Find support to change physical activity (company and personal motivational strategies). In conclusion, a good adherence to physical activity was achieved thanks to motivation maintained over time related to autonomous motivation and the psychological and physiological benefits that physical activity provides patients, external support and encouragement, and the allocation of time to adhere without making great lifestyle changes.
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International Journal Of Environmental Research And Public Health, 2022, vol. 19, núm. 21