Recent Submissions

  • Leafhoppers as indicators for risk assessment of GM biofortified crops 

    Ardanuy Gabarra, Agnès; Albajes Garcia, Ramon (Intenational Organisation for Biological and Integrated Control, West Palaearctic Regional Sections, 2013)
    As striking advances have been made in the last years to produce a range of biofortified GM crops with an increased level of nutrients, new approaches for environmental risk assessment on non-target arthropods have to be ...
  • Assessing a 100 years impact of Utxesa's reservoir on local plant communities 

    Arco, César del; Conesa i Mor, Josep A. (Josep Antoni); Juárez Escario, Alejandro; Pedrol Solanes, Joan; Solé Senan, Xavier Oriol (Fundació Universitat de Lleida, 2014)
    We assessed the changes in vegetation in an arid area transformed into an artificial wetland in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula consequence of the construction of a dam in the early twentieth century. We evaluated ...