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Traveller Transportation Companies: Human resources, 2017

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The content you will find on this site is aimed to work on airlines' training programmes. There are, first, some theoretical issues (from Introduction section to Internal vs external training section). Secondly, in the Videos section, you will find six videos about training activities flight attendants are requested to undertake when preparing for taking care of passengers. Finally, matching the theoretical content and what you have seen on the videos, answer the three questions outlined in the Questions section.

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Traveller Transportation Companies: Human resources


Berta Ferrer
Departament d'Administració d'Empreses


Material realitzat en col·laboració amb la unitat Suport i Assessorament a l’Activitat Docent de la UdL


Universitat de Lleida

The content you will find on this site is aimed to work on airlines' training programmes.

There arefirstsome theoretical issues (from Introduction section to Internal vs external training section).
Secondlyin the Videos sectionyou will find six videos about training activities flight attendants are requested to undertake when preparing for 
taking care of passengersFinallymatching the theoretical content and what you have seen on the videosanswer the three questions outlined in the Questions section.
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